I have always been fascinated with forts. As a child, I was the oldest of three girls, and so we would of course do whatever I wanted to do. And I always wanted to build forts. So that’s what we did! We designed and built “houses” under a plethora of trees and bushes, in hay barns and old sheds, up in trees, in cattle feed tires, grain bins, by a creek bed, in exceptionally-tall prairie grass, and even by gutting out huge stick piles. No material was out of the question for house-creation, and the creativity required to turn them into something useful was thrilling to me. However, as I transitioned into adulthood, I couldn’t connect the dots of relevancy of this interest with real life; there wasn’t a market for it, so I thought. I ultimately became a high school English teacher.

However, in May of 2015, I discovered the concept of tiny houses while sitting in my sister’s kitchen in Texas. Instantly my latent fort-fascination was relit, and I jumped on board full-throttle. I immediately started sketching floor plans obsessively, and a short time later, I’d spent more money than I’d ever dreamed of spending, on something that wasn’t even pretty: a black steel trailer. Ignoring all the people who told me I was crazy–I had, after all, all the extensive building experience of making a footstool in 8th-grade shop class–, I started building from the trailer up. Three years later, I had designed and built my own tiny house.

I lived in Big Gray for about 2 years, and loved it! Then I went on a road trip for about a month during June of 2020. While I was gone, I decided to rent out my tiny house on a short-term basis. Turns out, not only did my guests love it, but I loved that they loved it! I loved that they experienced the peace and rejuvenation in my space that I did. So I kept renting on a part-time basis. A year after that, I decided I needed another tiny house to stay in while my guests were occupying Big Gray…and that’s when the next tiny house concept– my “Teeny” Tiny House–was born. I worked on that project on and off for about 6 months, and in November 2021, the “Teeny” Tiny House was done! I now live in yet a third tiny house–Blue Bell Tiny–that I purchased and renovated, inside and out.

I continue to love sharing the unique spaces I’ve created with people from all walks of life who are curious about Tiny House living and lifestyle, or who just want a unique and relaxing getaway in the heart of Nebraska’s beautiful green hills. I never ever thought that a simple childhood fascination with forts would lead me here, but I am incredibly blessed and thankful that it did! Tiny house conceptualization, design, and creation is something I absolutely love, and will likely continue to do the rest of my life! Thanks for reading, and welcome to Green Hills Tiny Houses!